#395 English Hybrid Meeting

President I began the meeting by mentioning the Rookie contest which he attended and recommends members to join the next contest since it will be held online.

Then introduced the guest.

For today's meeting, the Word of the day was “Tight.”

Then the President handed over the control to TMOD TM K.

TM Komatsu conducted the same theme Meeting and the main theme is "Right or Left".

Table Topic Session

Table topic theme was Antonyms related to Christmas.

Prepared Speech Session

Outline of the discussion theme meeting: For each speech had a panel discussion which includes a moderator,3 panelists and a speaker.

The 1st and the 3rd speech was in English and the 2nd speech was in Japanese.

1st speech: "Right and Left 〜commit or nocommit"

2nd speech: "Right or Left?"

3rd speech: "Should we walk on the Right or Left?( Rule or Manner)"

4th speech: "Right and Left ~ Communication~"

Award Session

Best TT: TM H

Best evaluator: TM T

Best speaker: TM F


武蔵小杉トーストマスターズクラブは、武蔵小杉周辺の会場にて、第2土曜日に英語、第4土曜日に日本語で開催するバイリンガルなスピーチクラブです。 スピーチの実践を楽しむ事を通して、コミュニケーション/リーダーシップ/英語(日本語)の上達を目的とする社会人サークルです。100年近い歴史があり、今も世界中に拡がり続ける、米国発のスピーチのノウハウを、クラブメンバ同士がお互いに助け合いながら学んでいます。


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