#383 English Online Meeting

Today regular online meeting was held on zoom as usual. 

During the Business session KI-san raised motion of starting onsite meetings from July onwards. After many discussions and amendments, the following motion was moved. "A motion was passed to consider holding a hybrid meeting (online + onsite) from July. The SAA (including the Corona Committee) will present their finding regarding the technical and meeting hall preparations for holding a hybrid meeting. After that another vote for a motion will be taken. " 

Then president handed over the control over to TMOD (Toastmaster of the day), SG-san. Since the business portion took time than expected, the Table Topics session was shortened. It was preceded over by YH-san. who joined us after a long time. After that the prepared speech session followed.  

JO-san gave us a speech about how you need to be careful when you are in an a car accident, she related her experience regarding another accident she experienced and how the other party tried to cheat her.  

TI-san talked about all the TM manuals how much they have impacted his TM career, also he pointed out how much it has improved his leadership skills too.  

TK-san gave us a very informative and humour filled speech regarding how people have been very creative in this quarantine period. She started with how many inventions had been done in previous quarantines in history. Then she showed us how much people today have been creative. 

Lastly KS-san gave us speech about how a "you-know-who" minister of Japan had stated about Japanese peoples "MINDO" is different from the rest of the world. )"mindo" a term coined in the Meiji era means the level of maturity in regards of culture and intellectual. KS-san showed us how such a statement can be dangerous when there isn't enough to back it up. After the evaluation session meeting awards were as following. 

Best TT speaker, AA-san(guest), Best evaluator MO-san, Best speaker TI-san.


武蔵小杉トーストマスターズクラブは、武蔵小杉周辺の会場にて、第2土曜日に英語、第4土曜日に日本語で開催するバイリンガルなスピーチクラブです。 スピーチの実践を楽しむ事を通して、コミュニケーション/リーダーシップ/英語(日本語)の上達を目的とする社会人サークルです。100年近い歴史があり、今も世界中に拡がり続ける、米国発のスピーチのノウハウを、クラブメンバ同士がお互いに助け合いながら学んでいます。


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